Coway Bateri Bidet – Hands Free Solution To Stay Clean & Hygenic

Many questions were raised about Coway’s latest innovation.

How does it work? Is it good enough for my home?

How much is Coway Battery Bidet Price? Is it worth it?

Is Coway’s battery bidet long-lasting?

What happened if it’s broken? 

My name is Faris and I’m an authorized Coway Sales Representative (ID 561897) who will help you to clarify all the questions you need to understand about Coway Battery Bidet. 

But first of all…

Do your toilet always wet due to water sprayed everywhere?

It is such a tedious job maintaining a clean & dry toilet. Especially with kids, Am I right?

Sometimes the toilet is a short break in paradise, A quiet get away from all the busy life. 

Just a few minutes to yourself. 

Without having to think about all the problems in the world.

Toilet break is a serious matter!

And with that we would like our toilet to stay clean & fresh all the times

With minimal contact to relieve, wash and ultimately STAY CLEAN & HYGIENIC OFF COURSE.

We don’t want to end up with rashes all sorts of discomfort from it. It’s our sanctuary from the rest of the world. 

We want it to be functional, worth every penny spent, hassle-free and valuable to us for the long time run. 

Some automated toilet seat serves its purpose but it doesn’t give you the satisfaction you need.

You might end up regretting every single fiber of your being buying that piece of worthless equipment.

The last thing we want to do is having to take care of our ‘business’ manually after spending our hard-earned money to buy a bidet that was supposed to take care of ourselves. 

You want it to be tailored to your need and feels like it is made just for you. Then only you felt that it is the BEST DECISION EVER TO BUY THIS TOILET SEAT!

So to answer your questions, I will share to you


Coway Battery Bidet Is Battery Operated

You don’t have to spend an additional cost to install a new plug point. It will save you a lot of trouble renovating your toilet. Just plug and play installation. Coway toilet seat is suitable for all toilets and easily installed. 

Easy To Use With One Touch Panel

With just one touch your business will be taken care of. All you have to do is enjoy the time of your little break. And it’s very straightforward button instruction that everyone can use, even for kids and the elderly!

Sufficient Two Level Of Water Pressure

It is very very important for the water pressure to be just right for cleaning our private area, yes?

If too slow it would not be enough to clean it properly and who likes slow water pressure anyway?

If it’s too hard then we might risk injuring our sensitive private parts. You don’t want to go all day with irritation and discomfort. Especially our private parts.

That’s why Coway battery bidet comes with 2 water level pressure for you to adjust according to your liking.


Thorough Cleaning With Four Directional Water Settings

Coway battery bidet is a well-thought product to take good care of you and your private area. it can reach all parts your private area. 

Because the ultimate goal is to be as clean as a baby bum! You can easily control the water directly with a Coway battery bidet one-touch panel. 

It Comes With Smart Self-Cleansing Nozzle

It’s a dreadful job to clean a toilet bowl, is it? We never wish our weekdays or even worst our weekend is a compulsory task to clean the toilet. It’s time-consuming!

However, the Coway battery bidet will you tremendously in the cleaning department. So you can take it off from your never-ending chores of cleaning. 

Every single use of the Coway toilet seat will sanitize and clean the water nozzle. It would be so much easier when it’s ready to use every single time. 

The best part is you don’t have to lift a hand to do it. Is it automatic! Just imagine how Coway bidet saves you a hefty lot of time and effort. That’s how Coway toilet seat will be a great addition to your home.

Reduce Water Usage By 50% And Keep The Toilet Floor Clean & Dry Even You Wish You Want To Sit In The Toilet

Wet toilet equal to large chances of mold to make a living in it. Also equal to another chore of making sure our toilet is safe to use and odorless. 

I think we all can agree that smelly toilets one of the worst experiences one can have. 

But it can be avoided if the toilet is dry. Another beneficial feature is a smart sensor in Coway Bidet. It will not operate if you don’t seat on it. The reason is to avoid accidental flushes. 

And it means the toilet floor will always be dry and clean. 

Help To Save Environment By Reducing Toilet Paper

Did you know that 27,000 trees a day were cut down to produce toilet paper? According to National Geographic, the number of toilet paper dumped in landfills is equivalent to 270,000 trees. That’s a lot of trees!

On average a single person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper a year. It can be a starting point for you to be environmentally friendly by limiting toilet paper usage and living green. Leaving less carbon footprint to our future generations. 

In the nutshell, the price of the Coway toilet seat is giving you a lot more value and worth for you and your family. It saves you money in terms of toilet paper, water, electricity, time, and energy. 

In return, you get your business is taken care of using the latest technology with style, clean & dry toilet, keeping your private area hygienic, free from infections, and a lot more hidden benefits for you to discover when you use Coway bidet. 

Now let me explain to you

5 Best Services You Will Get From Coway That You Wont Get Anywhere Else If You Buy Coway Battery Bidet
  1. FREE SPAREPARTS For The Rest Of Your Life – With Heart Services
  2. FREE MAINTENANCE Services Once Every 4 Months – To keep your product at its optimum level
  3. FREE 1 TO 1 EXCHANGE if it’s broken – It is guaranteed!
  4. LIFETIME WARRANTY – Continous service membership allows you to be taken care of with extra charges!
  5. 24/7 AFTER SALES SUPPORT From Faris Coway. I have been in the business for 3 years since 2018 and am committed to assisting you in every way to make your life better.

Coway Battery Bidet price is RM1,390. If you’re a credit cardholder you can opt-in for 36months interest-free installment with just RM38 per month. 

And you’ll be eligible to take home FREE HEART SERVICES BY COWAY FOR 1 YEAR (Valued at RM305) with this instalment of RM38 per month of coway bidet price.

Not only that you’ll also get FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION

There’s more! Walk home with PREMIUM GIFT WORTH RM80 only when you purchase from Faris Coway

If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Just click the link below to get in touch. Consultation is FREE, All you need to do is ask. 

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